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Krste Rodzevski MD
      Dr. Rodzevski has extensive clinical experience in treating a wide range of psychiatric disorders in both office and hospital settings. In addition to his private practice, he was Associate Unit Chief within the inpatient division of the Department of Psychiatry at Bellevue Hospital/NYU Langone Medical Center and an Attending Psychiatrist at Village Care of New York, where he treated patients with co-occurring psychiatric and medical conditions.

      Dr. Rodzevski has a special interest in the assessment and treatment of character organization and personality disorders that often co-exist under the surface presentation of so-called biological anxiety, mood, and attention disturbances. When left ignored or untreated, these underlying factors can make treatment by medication insufficient and full recovery impossible. This might result in residual unhappiness, sense of emptiness, emotional dysregulation or anxiety, causing problems in jobs and relationships, even after the major biological symptoms resolve with medications or surface level psychotherapy. Therefore, Dr. Rodzevski has been a proponent and practitioner of the transference based, in-depth psychotherapy that can lead to a structural change in one’s brain and have longstanding benefits in the person’s social and professional performance and satisfaction.

      He has provided mental health services to students and physicians as part of the Columbia University Mental Health Services, and has helped artists with the application of psychoanalytic models in the creative process. Dr. Rodzevski was also a psychiatric consultant for an academy award nominated director’s films.

      As Chief Resident, Associate Training Director, and Clinical Assistant Professor, he has taught and supervised trainees at St. Luke's-Roosevelt, NYU and Columbia University on psychiatric interviewing, comprehensive psychopharmacology, and techniques of supportive, psychoanalytic and Transference Focused Psychotherapy (TFP) for personality disorders. His research work has been published and presented in international scientific meetings.



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